Jun 22, 2009

Blonde to Brunette

Changing a blonde to a brunette can be a very frightening and tough experience, both for hairdresser and client and studies have shown that 90% of all North America women who have colored their hair from blonde to brunettes all go back to blonde, those are high numbers for re-do’s. So if you and the client are 100% sure and understand that to maintain and preserve the integrity of the hair from much a drastic transformation, you can’t just easily go back to the blonde.

Removing brown hair color is a process all you get is orange/yellow undertones its ugly, and in fact removing a brown color off a blonde is more damaging to the hair then from brown to blonde (think about what’s under nether) already weakened hair from all the perverse blonde coloring jobs.
A great approach to soften most often the shock we see when they look in the mirror the first time as a brunette and to eliminate the more than likely re-do is to move into a brunette slowly, start by adding lowlights (and not in the summer, it will just wash out and turn orange, brassy). Use a semi-permanent as the low lighting product, or an all over application this way, 1/ it can be removed easier if need be, 2/ a healthier approach as the first step to a brunette .

A few things to take into consideration is what shade of brown, a decision based on skin color, face shape, age, yes age, keep in mind darker hair can bring more attention to features, favourable as well as unfavourable. The other consideration is the state (health) of the hair presently, most blondes who *think* they want to be brunettes are people who most likely have experimented with their hair color before so the hair is probably extra dry.
I love changing a blonde to a brunette when it’s the right complimenting shade on that person, however only if I truly know she can pull it off without freaking out which believe me has happened to me in the earlier part of my career, and I know she will keep it for awhile, cause all you blondes out there know this to be true, you always go back eventually.

A Few beautiful women who have tried the brunette edge.


  1. i did that once went from blond to brown and back trashed my hair haha.....

  2. they will all go back

  3. fergi looks like a witch lololo ,, love your blog