Jun 25, 2009

Grey Hair

Beautiful White, Sliver and Grey

Oh the dreaded grey, most of us hate it and very few can actually wear it. No matter at what age grey hair adds years on everyone, it’s flat and dull does not reflect any light or movement even when it’s healthy it remains lifeless unlike white or silver hair where it is here most hairdressers as well as people go wrong when coloring their hair, by thinking white or silver hair is grey. There is a difference, white hair reflects more violet, silver hair reflects more blue and grey sits right behind silver, remember that real grey hair has single strands of natural color either beside it, behind it or on top which is taken into consideration when we are formulating.
My favourite coloring for silver or white and some grey hair is salt/pepper, a combination of highlights/lowlights or just finely weaved lowlights when I know that individual can wear it beautifully. I have many clients that are silver or white and some are as young as 30and they all are sporting their shiny kissed white/silver, salt/peppery hair with a bold lip color, stunning.

And many women and men fear the coming of grey hair, yet there is a new generation that want the silvery/white. However, changing hair color is nothing to be fearful of for both stylist and you. Whether you choose to get rid of all of it or highlight, lowlight, or do combinations, hair should always look natural. White, Silver and Grey are chic, trendy, and yes, can even look beutiful if you do it the right way

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  1. I have a friend who is 32 and has a grey bob she looks older,, she would look great with low lites, great suggestions as always :)

  2. How gorgious is silver hair but i agree it can be aging if it's not spiced up with something something , love the pic of women with the silver hair