May 8, 2009

Home Hair Coloring - Bad Hair

Women are intimidated going into a salon to unvail a home hair color job, give them a smile.....

Everyone wants beautiful hair all the time and a good hair day can make one feel extra pretty, handsome, extra stylish and super confident, while a bad hair day can just about ruin your entire day and make you feel ugly.
We shampoo, condition, color, layer, blunt cut, straighten and so on , all that effort for our hair and it’s worth every cent and minute spent.
These days, the next best business after Salons is the over counter hair dyes and potions paticularly in this economy, some people cut back but in my experiance the beauty industry remains stable, WHY, it's a feel good, think about this when some of us are feeling shitty even buying a $5 mascara makes us feel better,, Right?,

And I say bring on all those people buying over the counter dyes, perms etc,

I've had a lot of people over my career who tried to lighten their hair end up with an orange/yellow brassy hair color, pink from going red, or green from going darker. This unfortunate mistake can be very upsetting and costly to individuals but very good for our business, finances, and an opportuniately to retain a new clients.

However color corrections to many is one of the scariest services to do besides perming, and it's about time hair designers rid their fears and educate themselfs on the true art of hairdressing, not only creating but "Fixing", (Learn Everything ), a master can fix anything and make it look great "as long as there is still hair on the head".

Being honest and doing the right thing ie: base color first when fixing a tint with washed out hi-lites, and ensuring them that the first step in rebuilding is the foundation then the details (hi-lites), if you don't go this route, then its more then possible the next time you will have to re-do the same steps,, "Wrong" work smarter not harder. tell them that it's best to live with a tint for a month until next visit so you can perfect the base, the over-all color is the key if that remains rich and not washing out then the windows go in.


-focus on color correction services, advertise,

-create unique consultations

-learn more about the products you use (the tool that we use when we color hair)

-educate, play and create

-be honest and always with a servants heart

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