May 21, 2009

Updo vs Upstyle

It’s 9:00am and the first client is an updo, oh god what am I going to do , I hate "updo’s”. These are comments I have been hearing for years when some stylists have to do an (updo), and I have come to the conclusion that its mostly fear based not knowing how to do one or they take more time then a haircut, or purely lazy. Well here comes the season of Bride-zillas and Prom-snots, and Gala events, so it’s time to become skilled at the art of an Upstyle not an Updo. Get those around brushes, curling irons, rollers (hot or Velcro) out and start practising how to do a simple French twist or even a braid, after all your a hairdresser! aren’t you suppose to know how to achieve almost anything with hair? Some hairdressers love them and do beautiful work they inspire themselves with ideas taken from high end fashion magazines runway shows, vintage hair looks etc. And gone are the days of artichokes on top of someone’s head, or a stack of ringlet curls with every single piece of hair perfectly placed with a gallon of hairspray and a full box of bobby pins making them look exactly like the traditional wedding bride updo’s we know and have seen or warn ourselves ek .

The most beautiful upstyles whether it be on a bride or for a special event I have seen is when they look almost slightly dishevelled with ribbons of hair twisted and knotted appearing effortless and free with a slight editorial feeling, not the stiff and perfect hair that came from the 1950’s era "updo’s". Approach them with a chic modern fashionable upstyle not as an old fashion “updo” get crafty and remember doing a red carpet hairstyle can be exciting and fun to do which can get most of you out of the everyday routine, cut, color, blow-dry, flat iron. Make women look stunning by capturing an essence of them, encouraging with enthusiasm to go a little more modern with their upstyles, I guarantee they will be back for another fabulous upstyled look for just a mere dinner party or evening out to the theatre.

I used to work with a stylist that I would say was more of an editorial guy, he would always amaze me how fast and effortlessly he would whip up an upstyle for his clients, and they always looked like they were coming off the pages of vogue and the best part of it was that they were average everyday women going to an event, I loved watching him do them, he would take a simple ponytail adding a little tease and a little creative placement and a master piece was designed especially for them. Ideas can come from pages and pages of all the fashion magazines out there, learn to incorporate and work with hairpieces, beautiful ribbons and small real flowers, and even delicate jewellery can look absolutely stunning, and as with everything you do remember to always strive to create your own signature .

These are some inspirations for today’s Upstyles, not to be taken literally but as creative variations and fashion is all about variations, Happy Upstyling.

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  1. The pics are beautiful!!!

    Prom-snots...I love it. That will put a smile on my face all day!!!