Oct 8, 2009

Beauty and Design

Inspiration comes from many things , the most important is who sits in your chair the client, look at the individuals features, body matrix, coloration, life style , clothing, make-up.
By taking a overall analysis you can begin creating lines, shapes, texture, movement, where it needs to be , creating a silhouette completely customized and approaching what you do with an artists eye.
Shape and Form is a fundamental principal of design , in color we use light, medium and dark hues , we can reflect or refract desirable features or undesirable features by where you place your details or color’s .
Choice of color combinations is the most quintessential importance in hair coloring, delivering the best desired end results by using appropriate tones to correct or enhance what is present or desired.


  1. wow you even teach through your blogs , you are the Madonna of haircolor!!!

  2. Divine simply Divine ;=)

  3. love the stlye,, fun blog