Oct 7, 2009

Butter Blondes

With the wave of dark rich striking hair colors we cannot forget the blonde beauty’s, this season blonde shades are toned down with adding dimensional tones of complementing lightness, one fantastic color to work with is butter tones, light creamy butter, golden butter, and amber butter. Blonde hair color is the most desired color and coloring service to date as we have seen through history and perhaps the most difficult to achieve on brunettes. The mistake a hairdresser makes with her/his clients is agreeing to produce a blonde shade without warmth, this is not logical and almost impossible to attain on dark natural hair, so instead of over promising and under delivering the end results educate yourselves and the clients on what looks good on them and their natural hair color. And whether highlighting, slicing whatever the color technique is used to dance through the hair butter tones look fabulous on any skin color and almost any hair color.
Try: Light Crème Butter levels 7 and above
Golden Butter levels 5 and above
Amber Butter levels 3 to 7


  1. I wanna be a butter blonde! Can this Italian girl be blonde???

  2. love the idea of different butter tones DANCING through the hair

  3. love the way you describe color's great blogging

  4. amber butter on brown, beautiful!!!!