Oct 27, 2009

Hair Product Spotlight: Tool #1

Aveda Brilliant Damage Control

This is a fantastic product not only to be used at home as a pre-styling tool to protect your hair from the hazards of heat elements such as blow drying, curling irons, flat irons and natural elements such has winter and sun damage but as well as a great pre-color tool. There are a few staples of product tools I use with my work and one has been for some time now Aveda’s Brilliant Damage Control. I absolutely love this product and I use it everyday on my clients, here I have listed a few way’s I use damage control .

Tints; once I have applied the hair color onto the roots and let it process half way I spray damage control to the rest of the hair and then comb through the color to the ends, this helps combing the hair color through easier which makes for a even saturation and application.

Highlights; before I begin I will spray the already pre-existing highlighted hair, this is a fantastic way to protect the hair from the possibility of overlapping which does occur with repeated highlights protecting the hair from weakening.

Fine Hair; this is one of the best products to recommend for those individuals that no matter what they use on their hair they still have the struggle with tangles.

For all hair types
Protects against thermal damage
Reduces breakage from combing
Helps protect against UV damage


  1. Great tricks,HCC you rock!

  2. I adore Aveda products and glad to see your blogs are on the best there is.

  3. now i have too buy this ;=}

  4. Brilliant indeed, now why didn't i think of those tricks, haha...love it

  5. what a fantastic blog,, i am following you

  6. what great way's of using damage control,,
    thanks for the tricks!

  7. This is my favorite product :) most people are afraid of detanglers or heat protectants because it might "weigh their hair down" but with the black tea in this which acts as a natural astringent, it wont do that and can actually soak up oils! I ♥ Damage Control!!!

  8. Great post! I'm now a follower!