Oct 12, 2009

Hair Colors; Monochromatic

Monochrome comes from the Greek word monochromos, ( mono) meaning “one ”, and (chroma), meaning “color”.

Monochromatic colors are a color scheme which uses different shades of the same color, for example, using dark brown, medium brown, and light brown at the same time. In hair color traditionally monochromatic shades were used mostly to cover grey hair having an overall appearance of just a solid tint which meant you were conservative in character. Today monochromatic hair colors are classic, understated and chic and every much a trend which has been emerging in the spot light for a few years now. We are seeing black mattes with shiny blacks, browns with various browns, reds with various red and blondes, all having 2 to 3 shades of that same color in degrees of lightness which not only results into beautiful hair colors but also adds subtle movements in the hair (contrasts).
So if you are one of those individuals who love to have rich hair colors with not too much going on ask your stylist to try adding a few highlights/slices of the same tone with slight variances to your hair, creating more shine, and texture and intrigue. For the stylists, use either 2 to 3 levels of that tone through the hair placed in sequence or the same level and 2 to 3 different developer volumes.
My favorites are, browns, reds and blonde shades to play around with, and the most important with any monochromatic scheme is that the hair color is gleaming with shine, this is one of the best way’s of achieving that glass like hair.


  1. Cool very Cool!!

  2. love the idea of monay tones of the same colour running through the hair

  3. can a copperhead be a trendy monochromatic ?

  4. @ Sam
    sure a copper color can be a monochromatic, any color can as long as the tones come from one color :-)

  5. Love the tone-on-tone colour pics!