Oct 16, 2009

Hair&Hair Color Challenges

HCC Email/Question #2

Hi there,
My question is two parts,
1-why does my scalp start to flake and itch come the fall? 2-And what can I do to protect my hair color from fading when I use special shampoo and conditioner for my scalp. Any advice!!
Sandra G

It is normal to start experiencing these types of symptoms in the fall because 1/ change of climate 2/ we do not drink as much liquids as we do in the summer time, or perspire as much. Another factor can be that we also put the heat on which as we know dries out our skin, hands, feet, as well as our hair, like our heels that crack and hurt when their dry the scalp is the same so we tend to feel the itch and scratch. Some things you may want to try are making sure your diet contains enough vitamins E, B12, selenium and zinc, flaxseed oil is also said to help, and drink plenty of water. Also styling products can cause itchiness which from scratching leads to dry areas, you might want to switch up your styling aids you were using in the summer; this should happen regardless of present problem.

Tar products can be harsh on the hair, and yes I have seen what they can do to hair color not so pretty, most people who use tar shampoo’s have their doctors prescribe it to them, some people just buy off the shelf. Whether its dandruff shampoo’s, tea tree shampoo’s etc, they all have a tendency to effect hair color in one way or another, (dullness, fading,) which becomes a concern for both the client and the stylist. One trick I have used and continue to use is have my clients who have to use prescription shampoos is apply through the hair staying away from the scalp Aveda Beautifying Composition Oil, this way the tar shampoo will slide off the hair as you focus on shampooing the scalp, I also have the clients wash their hair right after with a color locking shampoo and conditioner.

Recommended Products:

Aveda Scalp Benefits shampoo and conditioner
balances scalp, cools irritations, removes dry patches

Aveda Beautifying Oil:
Relieves dryness and restores moisture

Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo & Conditioner
protects color-treated hair from damaging effects of sun, water and environmental stresses


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