Oct 22, 2009

Hairdressers Note

Hair color can be that marvellous magic wand that instantly transforms dull hair into splendid color that sparkles and shines, it can also instantly erase years off one’s overall look by covering grey, it can add body to fine hair and literally change a personality. Time has not lessened the power of hair color but increased with record sales and today hair color is not only used as an accessory but a necessity for many and I am thrilled, as I have seen for many years’s hair color uplift someone’s spirits and build confidence not only from the outside but from the most important part the inside-out.

Being in the service industry to me is an honour, I sometimes sit and think, “Wow I get paid for my passion” how grateful am I?’HUGE’. Giving gratitude to the clients that sit in my chair is through my work and the Desired End Results, a customized look with a personal experience with their hairdresser that all individuals seek, making someone feel special. A hairdressers job is labour intense, standing on the feet for hours on end , missing lunch, the pressure of being on time with every client, being alert and fast when something doesn’t seem right with the color and most important to be up and energetic when all you want to do is lay down cause your back is hurting. And yet we continue through all the adversities that come with this job because there is passion, passion for the art and having a servant’s heart and making someone’s day is worth every challenge.


  1. that was beautiful!!!!

  2. spoken like a true master you are, simply lovely

  3. thank you from a consumer who has been seeking hairdressers like you my entire life

  4. what a class act , all hairdressers should feel like this , suppose this is why you are successful ;=}

  5. Well said :) I'd love for someone to do my hair... with a passion!
    This is the first 'hair' blog I've come across... and I love it! :)